Existing waste collection and disposal systems have become outdated and inefficient. As a result, many Russian cities are literally strewn with waste, which can be explained by a number of technical, financial and other reasons. MAG Group has developed MAG-QUALITY operational and diagnostics system enabling to solve typical waste collection and removal problems in current Russian realities. Due to its user-friendly and intuitive interface, MAG-QUALITY system is easy to install and operate. Numerous waste-removing companies, municipal and supervisory authorities of the cities successfully implementing MAG-QUALITY system have always outlined its unique operating performance and high efficiency.

MAG-QUALITY system offers an opportunity to measure, control and manage the quality of waste removal


МАG-QUALITY-DIAGNOSIS: high-level intelligent diagnostics system;

MAG-QUALITY-OPERATION: organizational and management system ensuring stable quality of waste removal in real-time mode.



The implementation of MAG-QUALITY system begins with establishing a database including the information on container yards within the serviced territory and optimal planning of garbage truck routes. In the course of its operation, the system compares the garbage truck routes and the actual plan of container clearance. It keeps automatic record of garbage truck routes, deviations from the route, as well as the actual waste removal. The system warns the operator on potential problems, thereby enabling to immediately rectify them.


  • the system keeps record of any fact and any reason for failure to remove the waste. In case of any disputes and conflicts, these data will help to defend the interests of waste-removing companies;
  • automatic route sheets filling eliminates any potential abuse on the part of drivers of waste removal trucks;
  • the experts’ motivation system is based on their performance;
  • the system may operate in geographically remote and multiregional mode. Therefore, waste-removing companies have the opportunity to expand their business to other cities and regions.
Three basic modes of the customer interaction include two diagnostics and one complex mode:
Regular diagnosis of waste removal conditions in a particular city by MAG Group experts with the use of MAG-QUALITY-DIAGNOSIS Intelligent Diagnostic System.
Supply of MAG-QUALITY-DIAGNOSIS diagnostics system to waste-removal companies and / or supervisory authorities and employee training, enabling such companies to perform independently the diagnosis of waste removal conditions in the future.
Supply of MAG-QUALITY-DIAGNOSIS diagnostics system and MAG-QUALITY-OPERATION organizational and management system aimed at providing the operational management over the quality of waste disposal.


The practical use of MAG-QUALITY system ensures timely removal of waste, raising the share of timely waste removal up to 94-98%, with the average Russian share being of 65-80% MAG-QUALITY system allows the Russian cities to exercise complete control and management over the waste removal conditions!