Waste collection and removal

MAG Group’s regional partners offer high-quality and timely collection and removal of municipal solid waste, bulky and construction waste. The high quality of waste removal is ensured by use unique self-designed MAG-QUALITY system allowing to perform twenty-four-hour monitoring of the garbage trucks movement and to keep record of the containers serviced. The practical use of MAG-QUALITY system provides timely removal of waste, raising the share of timely waste removal up to 94-98%, with the average Russian share being of 65-80%   More information about MAG-QUALITY system


The use of modern technology is another factor affecting the quality of waste collection. MAG Group uses the best equipment produced by world's leading manufacturers, such as SCANIA, ZOELLER, FARID, upgraded to work in the Russian climate and Russian cities. For example, SCANIA chassis garbage trucks are characterized with an increased maneuverability (which is especially important in restrained urban conditions); they are reliable and comply with EURO 3 and EURO4 environmental requirements. Each garbage truck is equipped with a GPS-transmitter and two DVRs providing additional control over the quality of waste removal.

We also use:

  • special equipment for collection and removal of irregular-shaped capital scrap;
  • container garbage trucks equipped with ‘Multilift’ longitudinal horizontal loading system;
  • waste compactors, automated container equipment for compaction of municipal solid waste;
  • domestic and imported durable eurocontainers, metal and plastic containers of low weight, which are equipped with handles, cover fixation mechanism and wheels with rubber tires. They are durable, resistant to corrosion, easy to load and have a modern aesthetic look.
A wide range of different equipment, highly qualified experts and flexibility of MAG-QUALITY system enable us to tailor our work to the needs of every particular customer. MAG Group’s regional partners are always ready to offer a convenient waste collection schedule and flexible contractual terms.

MAG Group’s regional partners:

  • fulfill requests for cleaning and maintenance of waste collection yards;
  • provide waste removal companies with the entire range of equipment optimized for Russian cities and Russian climate;
  • supply oversize waste containers (suitable for ‘Multilift’ loading) and waste compactors;
  • offer solutions for separate waste collection;
  • offer solutions for disposal of specific waste, such as mercury lamps, batteries, etc.